Tallinn Anarchist Bookfair

The Tallinn Anarchist Bookfair affirms and promotes mutual aid, direct democracy, direct action, anti-authoritarianism, autonomy and solidarity. We reiterate our opposition to exploitive capitalism, imperialism, patriarchy, sexism, racism, colonialism, statism, speciesism and all other forms of oppression; we will not accept participants who perpetuate or promote such values.

Anyone unfamiliar with these ideas or wanting to know more about the politics is invited to visit, look through books, sit in or get involved in workshops and seminars or just chat with the groups and organizations having stalls there.

The Tallinn Anarchist Bookfair includes panels, presentations, workshops, information stalls and vendors to provide visitors with further opportunities to learn more and exchange experience and creativity. The goal of the Tallinn Anarchist Bookfair is to enable people to connect with one another as well as to provide broader access to the rich and varied field of anarchist ideas and practices.

Our aims:

    • to interact with community through the free exchange of books,
    • to introduce anarchism through positive public interaction,
    • to further elaborate upon current and historical anarchist ideals, and;
    • to foster dialogue between various anarchist tendencies.


The Tallinn Anarchist Bookfair collective will respect the autonomy of individuals, groups and booksellers that we invite to participate in the Anarchist Bookfair and related activities.

The Tallinn Anarchist Bookfair is a space to network around, highlight and aid struggles, both local and international. The priority within the Tallinn Anarchist Bookfair itself will be on the written word (books, pamphlets, zines, etc.) by groups including publishers, distributors, and action-oriented groups as well as individuals.

The Tallinn Anarchist Bookfair strives to promote anarchist ideas through workshops as well as the bookfair itself, be that the introduction of these ideas to the public, or the elaboration of these ideas and dialogue between anarchist tendencies. We have a spirit of openness towards the different traditions, visions, and practices of anarchism.

The Tallinn Anarchist Bookfair will be organized completely on voluntary basis, and we are not aiming to make profit but instead to provide place for different groups and individuals organizing on grassroots level. We will not have material or symbols connected to political parties at the event as we want to support a decision making process that is based on free association of individuals who make decisions together, not centralized power structures.

What is Anarchism?

The term anarchism derives from the Greek ἄναρχος, anarchos, meaning “without rulers”

“Like all really good ideas Anarchy is pretty simple when you get down to it – human beings are at their very best when they are living free of authority, deciding things among themselves, rather than being ordered about. That’s what the word means – without government.

Most of us know this anyway (though there are a few oddballs who actually enjoy being pushed around). But we also know just how difficult it usually is to do anything important for ourselves – if you try, you’re likely to break some law or contravene some regulation.

But throughout human history people have always tried to do just that. To live freely. Sometimes on their own, sometimes in small groups and sometimes in great popular movements.

That’s what anarchism is all about, celebrating and reinforcing all those attempts to build a free world for everyone, where everyone lives their full life free from imposed authority.

Anarchists see this as desirable and necessary. Anarchists also know that this can only happen if everyone is involved in making it happen.

Everyone must be free, not just a few, not even a majority, but everyone.
When everyone becomes involved in making a free world – that’s what Anarchists call revolution, and that’s what we’re all about.

Well that’s our brief view of anarchism in a few short paragraphs. There are many other descriptions out there on the web as well. If you don’t know that much about the ideas and theories, we suggest you come to the Tallinn Anarchist Bookfair to learn more.